Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Undaunted--A Memorable Gift

Books can be a very memorable gift.  Historical novels are especially memorable as they are able real historical events.  The Undaunted is a great gift idea.  The book takes you into the past to travel with the pioneers who settled in the San Juan area of Utah.  You learn of the great courage they had to undertake and complete this journey.

Seeing pictures of the Hole-in-the-Rock which they took their wagons through astounds the mind as one contemplates taking wagons through that area.  Even taking modern four wheel drive vehicles along their roads is very difficult and scary today.  Some of my friends went on a trip along the road.  One friend said, "I never would have made it as a pioneer.  It's a good thing that I was born today."

Reading a book is a safe way to go back into the past and vicariously live through others' experiences.  We can learn from their experiences, and we become better from reading about their experiences.  Give a gift of several hours of reading enjoyment and increased faith and courage by giving the book,
The Undaunted
 to some one you love this year.

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