Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Remembering Wholeness-A Very Memorable Gift

Giving a gift that helps someone understand their life better is a great gift.  "Remembering Wholeness" is a book that helps us remember what life is about and why we are here and experiencing the things that are happening to us.  What really makes a difference in our lives is to change the way we think.  "Remembering Wholeness changes the way we think.  The book does teach some exercises both mental and physical that we can do to change our lives.   We give gifts to help improve someone's life.  When you give a gift that helps someone change their life, you have given a most memorable gift.  Remembering Wholeness by Carol Tuttle will give you more information if you think a gift of change would be a good gift for someone on your gift list.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Memorable Gift

When I was a girl most of the girls had fashion dolls to play with.  My parents gave me a doll that could be made into a bed doll.  Most of the other girls had Barbie dolls.  The doll I had didn't have jointed legs.  The doll was made of hard plastic and was designed to be dressed once and placed on display, not to be dressed over and over again.

Then one Christmas I opened a gift to find a Tammy Doll.  Tammy dolls are more realistic and look more like the average girl than Barbie dolls.  My mother had made several pieces of clothing for the doll.  The Tammy Doll was a precious gift to me since I knew my parents were limited in the money available to purchase toys.  I knew my mother spent many hours making the clothes.  They wanted me to fit in with the other girls and to have a doll to play with like the other girls had.

I have wondered if Barbie dolls have not given an illusion of what the ideal woman should look like that is impossible for a healthy woman to look like.  Tammy dolls show a more healthy beauty.

If you are concerned for your daughter's self-image, perhaps a Tammy doll might be a better choice than a Barbie doll.  Tammy dolls are available in eBay auctions and could make a very memorable gift for someone you love.

Learn more about Tammy dolls here:  Tammy Dolls

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Foot Piano Mat Keyboard

In FAO Schwarz in New York City there is a big piano that is played with the feet. This piano was featured in the movie, "Big" back in the 80's. It is fun to watch the piano being played, but it is also fun to get to play a big piano. Six feet piano mats are available to purchase for your home. With a piano mat in your home you can create music and get your exercise at the same time. Children love being able to make music with their feet. For more information go to

Create Unique Photo Gifts

Zazzle is a very interesting website.  Unique stores feature artwork and photos on a wide variety of products.  You can purchase a design created by one of the Zazzle artists or you can add your own artwork, photos and sayings to create a personalized product of your own.  There are so many designs to choose from that your product will truly be unique.  A personalized gift makes a very memorable gift--one that will probably be hung onto for years.  Check out some Zazzle designs at Storykeeper's Zazzle Store.

Make personalized gifts at Zazzle.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Give a Gift of Musical Memories

Music brings back memories.  Sometimes you just want to hear the music the way it was when you were younger.  If, like me, you grew up listening to music on records, you might enjoy looking at the following link where you can find old record albums for sale.  Maybe you'll find something that brings back musical memories from your past.  http://www.squidoo.com/music-and-records

Give a Gift That Helps Keep the Memories of a Special Event

Looking at this lens http://www.squidoo.com/greatrenoballoonrace I started thinking about how giving something that reminds someone of a special event can make a very memorable gift.  A poster of hot air balloons or other products with pictures of hot air balloons will keep the memories alive and will be a reminder of a good time. See some gift ideas at

Give a Gift of a Well-Trained Dog

 Many people buy a Christmas present for their dogs.  When you have a dog, you want to make him or her happy.  A new toy or a treat for Christmas seems like a great gift, and indeed can be a good gift. A gift of training your dog is a gift not only to your dog, but also to every member of your family and your neighborhood.  Buying yourself a book or a video that helps you train your dog is a great gift for every one that comes in contact with your dog.  Check out http://www.squidoo.com/raisingdogs for ideas on training your dog and recommendations on books and videos that may help.  Give yourself a memorable gift that will last for years by giving yourself a well-trained dog.