Saturday, October 9, 2010

Memorable Gifts

Christmas is less than three months away.  Gift giving is an important part of observing Christmas.  I started thinking why not do a blog on memorable gifts.  I plan to do posts on gifts you can buy or make that will be remembered and appreciated.  All gifts are valuable and should be appreciated even if they aren't exactly what you wanted or may not even be useful such as the wrong size of clothing.  The fact someone wanted to give you a gift is the most important thing to remember.

When you look at what you will give to others, you hope to give them something that they will appreciate and remember--something that will be a blessing in their lives.  Some gifts will be pleasurable at the moment like chocolate, but won't last long.  Other gifts may be used or kept for years such as a scrapbook or photo album.  I hope to share some ideas for gifts that will help those you give to feel of your love for them.

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