Saturday, October 16, 2010

Create A Memorable Gift With A Recordable Storybook

I came across recordable storybooks, and I thought what a wonderful idea for a unique, memorable gift. Reading stories to a child is one of the best things you can do for a child. Sometimes parents run out of time to read stories like they want to. Grandparents or other relatives who live a long ways away can't read bedtime stories. With recordable books one can record a story that a child can hear while they look at a storybook.

A couple of options are available for recording a storybook. You can buy a storybook that has a recorder built into the book. As you turn each page you can record yourself reading that page. After recording the whole book you can lock the recording so it can not be recorded over. The other option is software that allows you to record with your computer your reading of any book you choose. With this option you can add music or background noises.

If you give a recorded storybook, you will be giving a one-of-kind gift. Your gift will be filled with love as you put your time into making the recording. Your gift will be a memorable gift that can be kept for years.

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