Monday, December 6, 2010

Using Personal Historian to Create a Memorable Gift

Personal Historian is a software program that helps you write and record your life story. The life story of a family member would be a most memorable gift. You can just start writing your own story or a family member's story, but with software like Personal Historian you get a lot of help. Personal Historian provided a time line with history information that can prompt your memory of what happened in a certain year. You can import family history Gedcom files that you already have. You can import photos, and you can import stories that are already written. You may already have a lot of your story done. Once you've finished your story you can print it out yourself or you can save it as a word processor document or a pdf file which could be submitted to be printed out as a book.

With Personal Historian you can create a story as a gift or you may choose to give the software as the gift itself. Giving the gift of a life story will be a most memorable gift that may be cherished for generations.
Here's more about Personal Historian.

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