Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you are down to the last minute on getting a gift, here are a few ideas. 

You can give money.  You don't have to run to a store, go online or make a gift.  If you have money, you just give the gift of the money. 

You can give a gift certificate or gift card.  You buy gift cards at most stores.  You can buy them online.  You can even buy email gift certificates that can be sent by email to the recipient as soon as you buy them.

You can make a gift.  You can bake bread, cookies, or make a special dish.  You can print out cards or calendars or other gifts from your computer.

You can give a gift of service such offering babysitting or shoveling snow or a back rub or making a special dinner.

You still can give great gifts even at the last minute.  More ideas for last minute gifts can be found here.

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