Saturday, December 3, 2011

Art Prints, Canvas and Calendars Sale

Imagine giving a gift that is personally unique for the receiver.  Did someone get married in your family this year?  Do you have photos from the wedding? Select twelve of the photos and create a calendar to remind the couple of how happy they were that day all the next year.  Did you  have a baby this year?  Did you take pictures every month?  Make a calendar with twelve photos showing the baby's growth throughout the year to send to grandparents or distant relatives.  Make a calendar with photos of the recipient doing their favorite things or going to some of their favorite places.  Make a calendar with photos of the recipient's pets.

Do you have one photo that you really like or that the recipient really likes?  Make an art print or a canvas with it as a special gift. 

Today, Saturday, Dec. 3, you can save 50% off from art prints, canvas and calendars at

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