Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Give a Gift of Portable Music

I wanted to learn to play the piano when I was young, but we didn't have a piano.  A friend tried to teach me to play a little bit, but I had no piano to practice on so that didn't go very far.  Electric piano keyboards seemed like a good idea although many of them do not have full size keys so they are not quite like a regular piano.  Then I came across roll-up piano keyboards.  They have full size keys.  They roll up to a compact size.  Many run on batteries but some have an AC adapter.  They usually have headphones so your music won't disturb others.  Some will connect to a computer, and your music can be saved on your computer.  They are relatively inexpensive so almost anyone who wanted a piano could have one.
Do you have a family member or friend who loves to create music?  A roll-up piano might be just the gift for them.  It is afforable.  It is like playing a regular piano.  It is portable and can be taken easily with you wherever you go.  It can keep your music private.  It can record and may save your music on your computer.  If you want to give a portable gift of music consider a  roll up piano.

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